About us
Atàvica is not only cosmetics; it is a way of understanding cosmetics.
Aware of our essence integrated into the environment, Atàvica is a line of natural cosmetics that unites ancestral knowledge with the present, using natural ingredients to develop and offer a quality product, respectful with the body and the environment.
We create original products from vegetable ingredients with at least the 50% coming from organic farming and 100% free from toxic. Creams free of colorings and perfumes and essential oils that aromatize the shower gel, shampoo and deodorants.
Respect for people, the environment, animals and love throughout the procedure result in a product with a soul.

The care of the skin and body is not a matter of beauty and esthetic; it is a matter of health. Atàvica contemplates beauty in the body-mind-spirit balance. It is not only a cosmetic brand but also a way of understanding it, a philosophy that extends from the idea, the composition and realization to its commercialization, giving rise to a holistic vision of cosmetics.


Our products are made by taking the active principles of the plants known from the antiquity and that nature provides us. Knowledge, honesty and simplicity.


The design of the brand wants to transmit and reflect what ATÀVICA is: sober, clean and without any artifices. Without nothing extra.


Respect and sustainability for people, animals and the environment. Working from love to what we are and where we belong and understanding the whole as a purpose. With soul.


Parabens · Phthalates

Our products do not contain hormonal disruptors: parabens and phthalates among others.


Our products do not contain sulfates.

Derivatives of Petroleum · Silicones

Our products do not contain mineral oils and petroleum derivatives: silicones among others.

Gluten free

Our products do not contain gluten.

Not tested on animals

ATÀVICA is a committed and respectful with the environment brand and does not support testing products on animals.

Apt vegan

All our products are suitable for vegans.