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250 ml PET bottle with hinge cap

The Sweet Almond Oil nourishes, softens and moisturizes, restoring moisture and preventing skin dryness. It is a great natural regenerator that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, thanks to its high content of oleic acid and linoleic acids, giving firmness and elasticity to the tissues and improving and preventing wrinkles and stretch marks. Vitamin E makes it an excellent antioxidant for skin maintenance. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones such as babies or accompanying the most delicate moments such as pregnancy.


For the skin (facial and body): Effective treatment for dryness and skin irritations. It moisturizes in depth and maintains the moisture balance, elasticity and natural smoothness of the skin. It can be applied directly, diluted in the bath water or applied to wet skin after the shower with a light massage.


For hair: Ideal to give back damaged, dry and brittle hair its softness, strength and shine by hydrating and nourishing it. It can be used to treat scalp conditions such as dandruff or irritations.  

Prunus Amigdalus Dulcis (Almond) Oil

Natural Cosmetic Product

Almond Oil

Moisturizes, nourishes, protects the skin barrier, it is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, emollient, repairing, healing, relieves irritations, contains Vitamin E and it is rich in oleic acid omega 9 and linoleic acids such as omega 3 and 6.

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